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Surya Namaskara through the principles of mountain



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10/13/2015 1:15 PM

End Time

10/13/2015 2:15 PM


"Salutations to the sun, to the awakening light within, to the expansion of consciousness and higher thinking". Core anatomy cookie jar Centering: jellyfish (1 minute)-mula-and uddhyana-bandha Sun breaths (feeling full length through spine in uttanasana), bending knees as necessary. Sun salutation A=workshop, review of poses and alignment**. Breaking down the poses with reference to posters. Savasana-What are you thankful for? OM work: journal: gratitude journal-for one week, journal each night about a different aspect of your life for which you are thankful-these can be as small or as "big" as you need them to be. For each entry, note: what are you thankful for, who is with you through this (maybe no one), when did this come about, where (if this question is significant for this gratitude, and how this gratitude has brought positivity to your life. Due in one week (Oct 20). On your final night, how did completing this gratitude journal help you to incorporate yogic principles into your life?



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