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Shtira and Sukha-Effort and Ease



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2/10/2016 1:15 PM

End Time

2/10/2016 2:15 PM


JOURNAL ENTRIES DUE re: "The Grip"! Objective: to apply the balancing principles of effort and ease to asana practice; Shtira and Sukkha affirmation: "I balance my effort with ease in every movement". Centering: 5 sun salutations while repeating the affirmation silently; 5 sun salutation Bs together and discuss-where do you over-exert, how are the poses different when you soften and let it flow? Standing pose: tree (standing half lotus) Malasana to Bhujapidasana with partner supporting from behind. Still in partners, choose 1 or 2 poses each that you find challenging and lead yourselves into and out of each pose and seek to find the balance of effort and ease. Closing: Savasana: progressive relaxation. Sitting meditation (2 minutes): visualize yourself re-entering your life with the balance of effort and ease. OM Work: Wellness Portfolio Journal entry DUE NEXT CLASS : What needs to be tweaked in your own life to find better balance? Where do you need more effort/more ease?



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