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Tapas-Igniting Heat!



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2/18/2016 11:45 AM

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2/18/2016 1:15 PM


Affirmation: "Through daily practice and sef discpline, I enjoy radiant health and the fulfillment of my dreams." How is Tapas developed and cultivated? How to develop and maintain self-discipline? Centering: Kapalabhati Movement: 6 Chandra Namaskaras with 3 breaths in Downward Dog; Mountain pose for 5 breaths-notice how you feel and observe heat/Tapas in your body. Any self-discipline necessary to complete the 6 namaskara? Plankasana on elbows, inhale and lift core, exhale and reach out from crown to heels for 1-2 minutes. Vinyasa to lunge with Tricep stretch. Transition to other side with "Lion climbing mountain", scissoring the legs 6-8 times. Lunge other side; Puppy pose (5 breaths) Dolphin to downward dog for 10 rounds; side plank to wild thing for five breaths Setu Bandhasana/Half Bridge 3-5 times Urdhva Dhanurasana or repeat Setu Bandhasana *Partner pose-Pheonix -Visualize yourself flying to new heights and achieving your goals with the determination and discipline of Tapas; Closing: Ananda Balasana for 5-10 breaths; savasana Bring to class onOM work: DUE FEB 25th: Journal about something that you have always wanted to achieve but didn't have the discipline or belief that you could do it. March 1st bring something to class that ispires you or brings you ease and comfort.



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