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Homework Calendar

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 AttachmentDaily Participation Rubric
 AttachmentCover Page Rubric
 AttachmentFull Value Contract
 AttachmentYOGA 11
 AttachmentYOGA 11
 AttachmentYOGA 11
 AttachmentYOGA 11
 AttachmentYOGA 11
 AttachmentPosture and breathing analysis
 AttachmentThe 8 Koshas
 AttachmentMoutain pose analysis
 Attachmentreflection class
 AttachmentSun Salutation analysis
 AttachmentSurya Namaskara through the principles of mountain
 AttachmentSun salutations and building tapas
 AttachmentNamaskara project
 AttachmentYamas and Niyamas: kindness
 AttachmentFour types of Yoga
 AttachmentAARAO Tour-no class today
 AttachmentProject peace class 1
 AttachmentYamas and Niyamas-Sataya
 AttachmentBrahmacharya: balance postures
 AttachmentSummarize the yamas
 AttachmentShtira and Sukha-Effort and Ease
 AttachmentTapas-Igniting Heat!
 AttachmentIshvara Pranidhana
 AttachmentReview of the Niyamas
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