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 Attachment12-01 APA Slide show
 AttachmentGr.12 Macbeth Important Quotation List
 Attachmentgrade 11 Twelfth Night
 AttachmentGr.12 George Elliot Clarke Poetry
 AttachmentGr. 11 Articles "The Work Required to Have an Opinion" and "Should We Trust Our Gut . . ."
 AttachmentClothing care symbols and stain removal
 AttachmentDebater scripts for Impromptus
 AttachmentDebaters Article
 Attachment11-04 Chrysalids
 AttachmentImportant quotaions for Hamlet, Act II
 AttachmentGr.11 "Individual Liberty and Public Control"
 AttachmentGr.12- Hamlet
 Attachment11-05 Poetry Questions
 Attachment11-05 Poetry projects due
 AttachmentGr. 12 Poetry Project
 AttachmentCanada 150 Assignment
 AttachmentFirst Debate Meeting of 2017-18
 AttachmentGr. 12 Novels and Authors chosen for Research Papers
 AttachmentGroup discussion -3 articles on Gender specific careers
 AttachmentGr. 12- Introductions, Conclusions, and Transitions
 AttachmentResearch Paper Rubric
 AttachmentGr. 12- Don't forget Important Quotation sheets.
 Attachment12-01 Finished Act 4 & Scene i questions
 AttachmentGr. 12-02 Acti IV, Scene i Questions & Reading Responses.
 AttachmentGr. 12 Macbeth Review
 AttachmentGrade 11-Twelfth Night
 AttachmentGr. 12 Sonnets
 AttachmentGrade 12 : Rita Joe and Langston Hughes Poetry
 AttachmentBooks and Shakespeare on Audiofile -all grades
 AttachmentGr. 12 Alden Nolan Poetry
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