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Effie Boutilier

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 Attachment12-01 APA Slide show
 AttachmentGr.12 Macbeth Important Quotation List
 Attachmentgrade 11 Twelfth Night
 Attachmentgr. 11 Reading essay "Blasting Music . . ."
 AttachmentGr.12 George Elliot Clarke Poetry
 AttachmentGr. 11 Articles "The Work Required to Have an Opinion" and "Should We Trust Our Gut . . ."
 AttachmentClothing care symbols and stain removal
 AttachmentDebater scripts for Impromptus
 AttachmentDebaters Article
 Attachment11-04 Chrysalids
 AttachmentImportant quotaions for Hamlet, Act II
 AttachmentGr.11-04 "Individual Liberty and Public Control"
 AttachmentGr.12- Hamlet
 AttachmentGr. 9 Fabrics FST Laundry slideshow
 Attachment11-05 Poetry Questions
 Attachment11-05 Poetry projects due
 AttachmentGr. 12 Poetry Project
 AttachmentCanada 150 Assignment
 AttachmentFirst Debate Meeting of 2017-18
 AttachmentGr. 12 Novels and Authors chosen for Research Papers
 AttachmentGroup discussion -3 articles on Gender specific careers
 AttachmentGr. 12- Introductions, Conclusions, and Transitions
 AttachmentGr. 11-- Celebration of Learning
 AttachmentResearch Paper Rubric
 AttachmentGr. 12- Don't forget Important Quotation sheets.
 Attachment12-01 Finished Act 4 & Scene i questions
 AttachmentGr. 12-02 Acti IV, Scene i Questions & Reading Responses.
 AttachmentGr. 12 Macbeth Review
 AttachmentGrade 11-Twelfth Night
 AttachmentGrade 12 : Rita Joe and Langston Hughes Poetry New
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