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Helen Whalen

​​​Language Arts 7

Onomatopoeia & Alliternation worksheets - complete for Wednesday, April 19th

Science 7
If you have not submitted the "Learning About Solutions" mini-lab to Ms. Morgan, it has to be done ASAP!

Social Studies 7
William Lyon MacKenzie King's speech about the Upper Canadian Rebellion - highlight words you don't know from paragraphs 1-7. In the space provided next to MacKenzie King's speech, write what you think these words mean/what you found out these words mean.​ Be ready to discuss :)

Social Studies 8

"Berlin Blockade" organizer is overdue - if you have not passed this into Ms. Morgan please do so ASAP!

"Cold War Heats Up" Assignment due April 14th

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 AttachmentCommunication Plan grade 7 Social Studies
 AttachmentCommunication Plan Grade 8 Social Studies
 AttachmentCommunication Plan grade 7 Language Arts
 AttachmentCommunication Plan Grade 8 Language Arts
 AttachmentCommunication Plan Grade 8 Science
 AttachmentCommunication Plan Grade 7/8 Immerion
​​Mythology Projectdocx