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About Me

About Me

My name is Justin Penny and I will be teaching Science 10, Math Essentials 10/11, Daily Living, Math 9, Math 10-12, English 10-12, Learning Strategies 10 &11 and Social Literacy in Room 253. I will be helping small groups and individual students with assistive technology, completing assignments and tests, studying, help with concepts taught in class and other needs as they arise. More specifically, sometimes the learning centre will be a space where students can complete tests and/or assignments with fewer distractions with an increased ability to get one-to-one or small group assistance. Other times, students may need material orally explained or require a specific "resource" or program that falls outside of class work but would help them acquire the background skills necessary to understand and/or complete work they receive from classroom teachers in a timely and accurate manner. Instruction on organizational, time management other strategies will also be provided when needed, in addition to teaching skills that help students to complete their daily work. The focus will always be on ensuring that students understand the material, then are taught skills that help them attain more independence such as editing and idea generating strategies. Assistive technology such as speech-to-text and a number of iPad applications will also be given to students depending on their needs which is a significant way to help them gain more independence. Much of this technology can be practiced and used at home. ‚Äč

I have added you to Google Classroom if your email was on file so you can keep track of much of the classwork and assignments. Please do not hesitate ti contact me at