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Nicole Campbell

Welcome back for a wonderful 2017-2018 school year.  I teach grade 7A, 7C, 8A, 8B and 7A science. I will post the homework for the courses that I teach only.  Thank you, and please email or call if you ever have questions.  Click on the link below for any homework documents:

Extra help is every Wednesday for grade 7 students and every Thursday for grade 8 students, and before most tests and quizzes.

Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
 Attachmentgrade 8 quiz review Septemeber 12th 2016
 Attachmentquiz review grade 7 - september 16th
 Attachmentgrade 8 test review September 28th
 Attachmentgrade 7 test review September 29th
 Attachmentscience review for quiz
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