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Nicole Campbell

Welcome back for a wonderful 2022-2023 school year.  I teach grade 7B, 8A and 8B Math as well as 8A and 8B healthy Living.  I will post the homework for the courses that I teach only.  Thank you, and please email or call if you ever have questions. 

Extra help is every Wednesday for grade 7 students and every Thursday for grade 8 students, and before most tests and quizzes. It will go until 3pm approximately.

Below are a few links to help aid students with their multiplication facts.  Most take only 2-5 minutes are are fun and timed.  The last link is a collection of printable worksheets.  It is very important that students know their multiplication facts, so please encourage them to practice regularly.

Times tables Speed Test

BOTH the grade 7 and grade 8 math books are also in my google classroom.

Grade 7 google classroom enrollment key - MATH -  a35d43o mental math code (grade 7) - tbrakyp
Grade 8 google classroom enrollment key  - MATH - x2ylhwg  mental math code (grade 8) - k23el6e
Grade 8 google classroom enrollment key - HEALTH - k23el6e

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  Welcome back
  get permision forms signed needles and health 8
  7B - Tile sheet
  sqaures and roots sheet 8a and 8B
  Stand up for bullying day - WEAR PINK!!!!!
  health 8a and 8B - keep collecting your 10 shoebox items - Due Friday
  grade 8a and 8b math quiz - squares and roots
  shoe box project due 8a and 98B Health
  integer subtraction sheet 7B
  quiz pythagorean theorum - 8a and 8B

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 Attachmentgrade 8 test review September 28th
 Attachmentgrade 7 test review September 29th
 Attachmentscience review for quiz
 Attachmentgrade 8 unit test review 2018 - pythagoras
 Attachmentgrade 7 unit test review integers 2018
 Attachmentfractions assignment grade 8a and 8B attached below
 Attachmentgrade 8 review quiz February 12th
 Attachmenttest review Feb 15th grade 8
 Attachmentquiz review 2019 march 8A and 8B
 Attachmentapril 15th review for quiz grade 8
 Attachmentgrade 8 review for test
 Attachmentquiz review grade 8A and 8B Sqaures and roots september 2019
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